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Ditulis oleh: Èxsharaèn
« pada: 30 April 2008, 06:41:40 »

Well, of course it's nice to hear from you here :)

Anyway, since there is no specific topic here, why don't anyone start a new topic at the subboard "English"? You may copy any topic from "Have Fun!!!" board.
Ditulis oleh: dhran
« pada: 30 April 2008, 11:01:11 »

Holla.. Lohhaaaa.. Hello.. hehehe  ;D Not really sure about this but I think it's a good start to speak in English.

Hmm.. Hi.. My name is Dhran. No.. That's my nickname, not my real name.  ;D What else?! Hey Exshan, i have no idea what to say in here.. hehehe Could anybody give some idea or topic in here so we can speak about that?

By the way, sorry if I can't speak English as well as the others. Especially like the Admin.. hehehe Hi bro.. ;D

Ok, enough for today..

Have a nice day..  :D  8)
Ditulis oleh: Radtz
« pada: 30 Januari 2008, 08:29:06 »

Hi there, :D
it's a good thing to haave this kinda topic on a forum, but to tell u the truth i have no idea what to say here heheh :D
I never went to an english course but i watched a lot of movies (without any subtitle or at least an english subtitle) and played a lot of RPG games n it really helped me to improve my english, but sometimes i just don't know where to use it, so this forum is a start... hahaha :D. Actually I also wanna learn about universa i lingua :D it seems that it's not too hard to learn hehehe :D... thanx and sorry for any misspelling on my post :D
Ditulis oleh: Èxsharaèn
« pada: 02 Januari 2008, 11:28:56 »

Well, it's a good start! At least you did try, and it's good to hear that you want to learn more. Everyone here should be able to help you. You can use Language School to ask more specific topics or just continue posting here.

Some notes on your writing:

hai my name is Luliana.
Hai is in Indonesian. English is Hi (without "a").

I want to learn about english language.
English itself already refers to the language, so you don't need to write "English language". Just "English" is OK.

But the problem is i haven't many vocabulary about english.
In formal writing, haven't is only used to abbreviate "have not" as in Present Perfect tenxe (e.g. I haven't eaten all day). If you mean "don't have", you shouldn't write "haven't". But, in informal use, you may use "haven't" to refer to "don't have".

Sorry if my language so awful.
You miss "is" ;) the correct one should be "...language is so awful".

Don't forget to write "I" in uppercase. People all around the world can do it.

I know sometimes it's difficult to start learning foreign languages, but just keep trying and eventually you'll be able to learn it.
Ditulis oleh: luliana
« pada: 27 Desember 2007, 02:15:51 »

hai my name is Luliana. I want to learn about english language. But the problem is i haven't many vocabulary about english. And my big problem also i can't use grammar ini english. Sorry if my language so awful. sometimes my words in english is very2 bad. I want to learn more about english, everything. sometimes i feel my ability to learn a foreign language is so bad. But one thing i just want to try to learn more and more. Somebody please help me to learn much more. Thank you
Ditulis oleh: Èxsharaèn
« pada: 16 Desember 2007, 12:18:07 »

It might be incorrect writing 7337, might be 1337. It's Leet, a technique commonly used in the Internet to shorten words or encode them. For example, "Bali" might be written as B471, "newcomer" in short is n00b (newbie or noob).

If you have problems in English, you might want to ask some free teachings here at Language School :)
Ditulis oleh: Stash
« pada: 15 Desember 2007, 10:59:33 »

7337??? What is that?
Ditulis oleh: ch1m0x
« pada: 14 Desember 2007, 11:06:36 »

I've problem with English ..

So ..

I will say nothing ^^
Ditulis oleh: Èxsharaèn
« pada: 21 Oktober 2007, 01:39:17 »

I'm not really sure you will need this, but... well...

If anyone wants to talk in English, welcome here ;)

Before starting, try to keep using international English (7337 is welcome, but make sure anyone understands). If by some case you mix up (e.g. color/colour etc.), that's okay too.

Happy posting :)