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Ditulis oleh: Èxsharaèn
« pada: 17 Desember 2013, 09:10:15 »

...to buy more...
Ditulis oleh: azstreet
« pada: 17 Desember 2013, 03:24:09 »

...bidding its time...
Ditulis oleh: Èxsharaèn
« pada: 17 Desember 2013, 03:14:52 »

...where something lurks...
Ditulis oleh: azstreet
« pada: 17 Desember 2013, 03:10:20 »

...to a cave...
Ditulis oleh: Èxsharaèn
« pada: 06 Pebruari 2013, 02:28:17 »

...with no light...
Ditulis oleh: Stash
« pada: 07 November 2012, 12:46:05 »

...in the cold...


In a village that the villager has no ears like to read not ordinary books especially encyclopedia books.

One day, suddenly the King make a competition to find his prince by eating carrots using only one small hairy tooth.

When night comes the prince transform into a fly with one wing leaving the jetplane and fall down into a pond.

A Short man helped the prince to eat a extraordinarily huge, juicy, creamy, with yellow topping above the palace that have one and only door that leads into the sun, so the prince could rest in peace.

The king was so happy because the prince wasn't able to marry the girl who had three eyes and three hands and legs with five hundred miles away from the original body, where all ducks swim on a swampy dark water lake near her frosty snowman, which carrying a bag filled with many candy and chocolate that all kids liked to eat with yellow sauce and chocolate syrup from the factory.

The winner of the competition are cats and dogs that accidentally found some gold bones that stand on the secret door covered in fog and in a ring of fire, Shadowy figure appeared and spoke, "Dear bring my socks and my eyes to the place where we go to a market that full of crickets and crickets that sound like a shining star down to earth from the sky that have brown apples and brownies."

After that, the dogs went to the forgotten hole to start the howling symphony orchestra with the unique magical flute that could blow away anything in the middle of the Square Ring of old cherry tree that have brown magical root that surrounded with old women's private things that always like the person above.

The root was sparkling when suddenly the tree shook and revealed a beautiful gemstone that reminded me of a rainbow when it was sunny and there comes A fat hawk and took it.

No wonder everyone was very shocked because of the fat hawk which actually was a crazy old witch watching bewitched watch that she usually ate some mushrooms at the cursed dusty, stinky toilet that everyone used to harvest some things that called "you-know-what" and then you must lick it in order to accomplish a quest to get the greenish, slimy, stinky thing which is rotten melon milk.

Suddenly the hawk fell down from a huge tree towards the sun and the clouds suddenly, unpredictably, unfortunately form a pillow to react to the hawk's sudden movement, which was in vain, because something was helping the gravity to push the boulder to fall exactly five thousand miles to the bottom of the sea.

So the gemstone was lost forever.

The cats were undeads, so they cannot be killed unless the mice killed them with cheesy bites pizza.

So they tried finding the ingredients which is magically appeared and disappeared at will, controlled by nasty spiders from Dark Tower that was abandoned by their queen that never slept.

They made a banana split with bananas which grows beneath the teeth of a hellhound that never ate unless it is poisoned with some poisonous mushroom spore, enchanted with yummy magic jelly that was so slimy so the hound was never choked when it ate its lunch box which consists of bananas, mushrooms, and roasted thick meat cooked well-done, with a delicious sauce made of special magic ingredients, which did not exist in any world at any time known.

The reason was before time when it was never raining for This Today.

I was never born in this world in the rain like a frog.

So I decided to haunt you.

You were scared because of me.

So you tried to kill someone who was trying to kill a female witch, who tried to kill me, years before.

But yesteryear, it dawned upon me so intensely that it burned my precious family heirloom made of dungs that smells like something familiar but somehow feels strange.

So I wandered through the dark
Ditulis oleh: azstreet
« pada: 03 November 2012, 11:47:42 »

... through the dark ...
Ditulis oleh: Èxsharaèn
« pada: 03 November 2012, 11:45:09 »

So I wandered...
Ditulis oleh: Stash
« pada: 28 Oktober 2012, 12:28:44 »

...somehow feels strange.

Ditulis oleh: Èxsharaèn
« pada: 23 Oktober 2012, 03:24:09 »

...something familiar but...
Ditulis oleh: azstreet
« pada: 23 Oktober 2012, 12:02:54 »

OOT : My 777th post! ;D

...that smells like...
Ditulis oleh: Èxsharaèn
« pada: 22 Oktober 2012, 02:43:08 »

...made of dungs...

Noh lanjutin :P
Ditulis oleh: azstreet
« pada: 22 Oktober 2012, 02:12:32 »

*nonton perdebatan di atas ;D*
Ditulis oleh: Èxsharaèn
« pada: 21 Oktober 2012, 12:55:59 »

Baca halaman pertama dong, semua modal (termasuk yang kurang dari tiga huruf) dihitung satu kata ;D
Ditulis oleh: Stash
« pada: 20 Oktober 2012, 05:50:15 »

Of tdk bs dihitung sbg kata :D